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Welcome one and all to my acting and mental resilience class! wether you're looking for your first steps in this industry or a class to keep your acting tools sharp, I will provide the safe environment to play and learn our craft and to push yourselves.

I have been working hard within this industry for the last 8 years, learning my craft and building my confidence, I have also learnt the very harsh realities that we will all face as actors and I will share my personal techniques to push through and keep as positive as possible during the low periods. Now I won't lie to you this is a very hard industry, full of opportunities but full of rejection, learning how to cope with the stresses and anxieties in this industry is paramount. 

Being the best actor in the room is not enough anymore, we now operate in an ever more saturated market where casting directors have an abundance of choice and if you were casting a plumber and you had a selection of plumbers who can act and a selection of actors who think they can do plumbing... who would you cast. We will work on skillsets that you should be looking at to help improve your marketability and get yourself into the casting room.

So what are you waiting for? for $10 a month I offer fortnightly online classes and critiques in classes no larger than 20 where we'll work on our acting toolbox as well as expanding our knowledge of the industry in large, how we can make the most of the opportunities we acquire as well keeping our head above water when we feel the lows the industry brings.

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