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Plays, Role-Plays and a Season Finale!

Hello all you wonderful people,

In the 2 months since the last update we've done a lot, we've completed the second year running of playing various therapy clients for University of Bradford, we had some great feedback and I really enjoyed living in that space in the booth for a few days. unfortunately the second role-play gig I was pencilled in for didn't require me in the end but always room to lend my services in the future as and when they need more actors.

First off I've had a couple of really interesting auditions, non of which have gone my way but I've gained something from each, one of these opportunities was for one of the biggest production houses in the world and it's still amazing to think my voice and work has gone through the ears of some wildly amazing casting talents. Truly acting for both screen and voice-over has helped really dial down and improve my skills, bringing forward my talents to far broader casting audiences and helping me to legitimise myself as a business within a very tough and competitive industry.

Next, we finally got the season finale filmed for No Filter! the northern sitcom based around a group of actors and crew's journey through the film industry. It has been a great bit of fun to shoot over the years and even with the delays suffered from covid we've powered through and will soon be making further updates about the release of the full season and maybe some additional news about the future of the project. I've also wrangled special permission to hint that we might be releasing a Patreon for those who want to support the future of No Filter, this is going to include some amazing behind the scenes footage, cast and crew commentaries and even some special videos from the cast. There is one more big perk but I'm not allowed to mention that just yet but needless to say it's great!

Finally, on the big news that I vaguely eluded to last update, I had successfully auditioned for a theatre production and now that contracts have been signed I can finally say that I will be playing Captain Orton and Sir Edward Ramsay. This is going to be a limited run production between October 13th until October 15th 2022 at the fantastic Halifax Playhouse! this production is going to be packed full of amazing musical pieces and we have a great cast to boot, for an enquiries on prices and showtimes give them a call on 01422200334 truly can't wait to see this play and the hard work that's being put into it come to fruition.

That's all for now, plenty of rehearsals between now and the next update(hopefully in a weeks time) as we have a very important equipment upgrade that really adds to my workflows!

All the best and until the next time,

David Rodgers


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