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A Wonderful Year, A New Start!

2023! a truly blessed year for me, I have had so much to celebrate, be it on the screen, on stage or even in the booth! So much has happened after 2022, I thought I had major highpoint in my career so to get into 2023 and have so many opportunities to shine and feel worthy has me feeling more than grateful.

To start off, working again with Bradford Uni and helping to evaluate their students and bring another class of cognitive behavioural therapists into the fold! Next we went onto an an amazing opportunity thanks to the amazing Producer Jamie-Lee Parker on two short films by the exciting production team - House84, Round and Over Me(pictured below) Directed by the humble and talented Ryan Dobson. Really had a couple of days of fun and wish them all the success for their future projects!

Next opportunity afforded my way was to play in the whimsical musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! A fun fact my Uncle used to look after the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car before it was sold to the States, I have a pictured buried in the loft at my mothers of me in that car. For the musical however I was to play Sid and Coggins as well as one of the Vulgarian Guards, we had a fantastic reception from our audiences each night and it was a rush to hear the rapturous applause at the end of each performance!

Next up started my journey on a series of horror inspired radio-plays, a chance for me to flex my imagination bringing so many characters to life! The creators Clinton Lofthouse and Corey Seeger have been on a quest to bring horror to the UK with Northern talent bringing these amazing tales to life. You can find the ever expanding series of Dead Evil Tales at I have the joy of performing in A Taste of Mercy, leading the story in The Advent of Farther Hirst and playing Lt. Bridges in Broken Halos! truly love working with these two as they bring exciting new stories to your podcast lists!

Lastly the job of a lifetime, I couldn't wait to bring joy and Christmas spirit to everyone on board! I got to play one of the Conductor's for Bolton Abbey's Polar Express experience, produced by the amazing Wise Owl Theatre Company who may I add were one of the finest companies I had ever had the pleasure of working for, truly a company who puts their actors first! For this incredible role I had the joys of bringing the Conductor to life as a stern but cheeky soul, stamping tickets, entertaining our guests and bringing smiles to all! It was an intensive 6 weeks and the work was had an exhausting at times but for what it brought to all those families, I couldn't have been more ready or prouder to have been the Conductor! With this joyous role and my role as Father Leopold Dunley in Dead Evil Tales' Chapter 3 I really did make this Christmas a special one to remember...

Thanks again to everyone who through the last year has trusted me to bring their characters to life and to my agent Matt Zina Acting for always propelling me forward! it has been an honour and 2024 hasn't slowed down, already with Chapter 4 of Dead Evil Tales now released on your favourite podcast of choice and for the first time VoiceOver work produced and directed myself for a customer in another line of my work.

I have great hopes for this year but I am already pushing myself as I now offer my knowledge in my 8 years of working in this industry and put myself forward to coaching the next excited actors in this joyous and often times gut wrenching career, helping others to navigate not just the technical side of acting but also the often overlooked mental side of this game too!

If you know anybody who wants to start their journey in acting then please do send them to their journey can start right and they can progress in their careers with the right tools to not only act but also to survive the lows of our industry!

Thank you all for reading this update, I will try to be more frequent with updates on here but it has been a nice change to have so much to talk about,


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