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One Great Upgrade To The Booth

Welcome back to the booth and this week we had a major hardware upgrade!

For the last couple of years I have been concentrating heavily on producing better quality audio, from the isolation screen to upgrading mics and the booth itself everything has gone into the quality of the audio I could produce. One area found lacking though was the production side, my 5 year old MacBook certainly had the power to run everything I needed but to keep things silent in the booth meant running an iPad as an external monitor(smaller screens help minimise sound reflections too), this meant that I had a very quiet recording area but my software interface was lacking. Whilst it worked for a time it was less than ideal, when recording longer sessions the fans could be picked up on occasion from outside the booth, especially if I had to knock up the gain.

However in the 5 years since my last purchase there has been a revolutionary leap in technology, so now the booth has been adorned with the latest M1 Pro equipped MacBook Pro. The latest Apple Silicone chipsets require no active cooling for most workloads, so now I can have a decent sized computer directly in the booth with no threat of fans going ape. Add to all this the larger display, high impedance audio jack(great for editing recordings out of the booth without having to re-setup the audio interface).

Now my end to end process is more streamlined meaning whenever an audition comes through I can send it to where it needs to go in significantly less time, this even applies to self taped auditions too where editing and exporting auditions takes a fraction of the time from what it used to.

So that's all in my latest update, not a massive amount happening in the last couple of weeks outside of works and rehearsals but no doubt there'll be something around the corner waiting to crop up,


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