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What A Year!

Welcome back to another update and what an update it is! Last I left everybody off I had just finished the extremely well received The King and I and moved straight onto Bonnie and Clyde, what a show! completely different worlds and so fun exploring amongst my seven(yes seven!) characters 😄 lots of costume changes and chaos but after our very well received 5 day/6 performance run I was ready for a break into Christmas 😮‍💨 Speaking of Christmas, I hope everyone has had a great holiday break and celebrated the New Year, may it bring you all joys and successes!

Some good news of a successful commercial voice casting turned a little sour when the production companies' customer switched direction, needless to say it was frustrating that their vision for the project had to change but great that the production company did come to a successful vision in the end and will have a project to release regardless of wether I made the edit or not. I still enjoyed recording with their team and made a great impression with them and picked up a couple bits to further improve my own setup on the network side of life.

We have since auditioned for multiple roles on the screen side of acting and most recently auditioned for an indie game in the VoiceOver spot, in addition to all of that we have returned to the production space and will be producing shorts and feature films in due course but more on that another day 😀

On the booth side of life a reshuffle has provided me with more room to work inside the booth itself with the table now at the side and my tall stands now standing tall from the floor 😄 sounds like a small difference but I have gained about 40% more space to set up my hardware.

A small update to start the year but we have so much coming up with the production company and plenty more on the acting side of life to be excited for, can't wait to share more in due time but that's all she wrote for now!


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