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Busy Like A Busy Bee!

Hello and welcome back to the booth!

It has been a very interesting month since we last left off, thanks to the ongoing hard effort from my agent I have been selected once again to work with the University of Bradford helping deliver realistic patients for their students to work with, so happy to have had great feedback from them before and to see them again this year!

Next up after an audition in Halifax I have some great news but I shall hold off on releasing it until the next blog when the formalities have been agreed upon 😄🎉 truly can’t wait to share but it will be worth the wait!

Sadly we had a delay to the final episode shoot to the popular TV sitcom that I have a fun role with but I look forward to that being rescheduled and getting to show off the entire first season to the world 😄

Work outside of the acting world has been a odd blend of super busy and quiet so I'm trying my hardest to revel in the chaos but managing time on a short notice workflow has had its crazier moments, things seem to be getting a little more into a flow again. Hopefully I can start to concentrate back on the VO side of life as I gather together the funds to get a proper demo reel suited to gaining more auditions and opportunities within the industry.

I thinks thats updated a fair bit of what's been occurring recently albeit not too in depth 🙂

Till the next time, keep well,


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