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Many Happy Returns!

After months of absence I can now happily say, we've moved into the new home, I somehow turned 30 and we're all settled! I'm getting back into a good routine, returning to classes, rejigging the booth for its new home and working on the sound deadening within the room. Now we have a table, Accupanels surrounding the exterior of the booth and far better lighting! Even the opening has had a big rejig with additional framing so the door smoothly slides open and can be locked across the side for a tight acoustic seal.

In other news we have this week been nominated for not one but two awards! The VoiceOver Network has kindly nominated me for their Rising Star award and Home Studio of the Year award! Needless to say it took me by surprise but I'm over the Moon! Not expecting anything further from it but it was nice to be thought of and the results are tomorrow 😄

That's it for now and hopefully I can do another update next week as we make a big marketing push to try and get more auditions into the booth!

Take care and until the next time,

David Rodgers

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