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Showing the hand!

As all the cards are laid down I look forward to finally getting to enjoy the fruits of the hard work that has lead up to this moment. My final list of equipment arriving tomorrow I will have everything in order to make for a very fun, very efficient workspace, with the arrival of the new old 2016 iPad Pro I now have access to a secondary display for the Mac, the advantages of which are huge given the fanless design. This will allow me full control of the DAW and keep fan noise out and away from the booth keeping the quiet space, quiet.

With tomorrows arrivals I'll be able to start to enjoy a well setup booth with some creature comforts included, as well as some quality equipment to give my voice(and more importantly my personality) the best chance to shine in auditioning and producing.

Alongside all of the future potential the booth will offer there's one thing that will shine to me personally, in recent years I've been lucky to write and produce some of my own works and this is culminating in a very special project that I'll reveal later in the year(potentially even next year) but this project is going to require new skill sets, good partnerships and a few good talented people to portray some really fun characters.

I'll leave that for now and I will leave an update tomorrow when everything is up and running and we're ready to show off some content,

Till the next time,

David Rodgers

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