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The work goes on!

The equipment is in, tested, working and now I'm enjoying going through scripts and refining my processes with everything in place.

The Aston is great and I've found steps to further improve my technique to get the most out of the equipment I've got!

The Audient iD14 MkII is one heck of an interface, amazing software to keep tabs of my levels and the gain is barely above half way for good volume but even turned up its just so silent.

Logic is one of the bigger learning curves but coming from GarageBand it's something I feel is transferable from my previous experience and their remote app is second to none!

So I shall continue to play, learn and improve my ability to make the best out of all of this amazing equipment, hopefully another update to the blog by the end of the week as I get more hours in here under my belt,

All the best for now,



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