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David Rodgers - VoiceOver Artist - Welcome to the booth!

Hello all and welcome to this mans journey through time and space!

I'll start with an introduction to myself, my name's David and I've been acting for 6 years now, I started with the motivation to make amazing stories and so far I've had the joys of playing some fun and interesting characters as well as creating my own stories that I am passionate about!

Over the last 18 months I have worked towards Voiceover as well as screen acting culminating in finding the VoiceOver Network and being guided into the right direction to level up my vocal work. This week all of my equipment will be here and I shall start to work on a few different demos. The vocal booth also provides a perfect blank slate for self taping with a clean background, great lighting and room to play with scenes.

Recently I've had a couple close auditions in the screen acting world which I feel can be attributed to a better understanding of my strengths and my USP. The Amazon Prime series is near full season completion so there's going to be a lot to shout about that in the near future and I will certainly share what I can when I can but the website has a few BTS images.

So first introduction to myself complete, I look forward to keeping the blog up to date and as I work further on the website I'll try to introduce my social accounts more where I enjoy my life outside of acting,

Till the next time,


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