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Work, demos and buying houses!

What a crazy few weeks! Buying a house is definitely a stressful experience, it's been very time consuming but the booth has not been idly sitting by!

In the last few weeks we have recorded a narration reel to offer a demonstration of my natural voice, it should get us through a few months before getting either a professional reel recorded or filling in with booked works for the reel. It's been a very useful experience in the few sessions we've done, adjusting my editing process and ensuring that the sound floor is good and that I provide quality editing to seamlessly remove unwanted noises. The reel has been conducted like an audition putting forward a truthful and natural performance whilst ensuring the delivered product is clean and presented in a way a client could expect from my auditions. The reel itself has now been added to the main page and can be streamed in full quality.

In addition to the reel production we've recently completed a role for the University of Bradford, providing students with patients to complete their education. A great experience and a lot of fun to play these characters and see their processes to help everyday people with everyday problems. The booth provided a great space to be able to provide great clean audio to the client over live meetings and provided me space to perform and exist.

The latest works has provided me with further direction as to what I wish to add to the booth, there's a lot of versatility designed in there but the use of more stands would come in handy for different applications. I shall be looking at making a light and non sound reflective PVC frame in which to place more equipment when needed, the more works I can efficiently provide in the booth, the better the experience for myself and my clients!

I think that's all the updates for now, may be a while for my next update as house admin has been crazy and will only get crazier when we move in!

Until the next time, take good care of yourselves,


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